Using Mediation To Resolve Employment Disputes

Employment mediation is a voluntary process. An outside, neutral mediator helps the employer and employee discuss their dispute and find a mutually acceptable resolution. This can happen before or after suit is filed.

Unlike an arbitrator, a mediator does not have any power to make a binding decision. If the parties reach a settlement it is put in the form of a written contract that is enforceable in court. Although the parties themselves usually have complete control of the outcome in mediation, it is best to have attorneys present to look after your interests.

Consistent, Firm Representation

Our law firm has participated in more than 500 employment mediations. We understand the process of mediation fully. As a result of our experience and training we are able to settle the vast majority of cases that we have mediated.

Attorney David Simons has decades of experience in dispute resolution. Helping clients in Honolulu and across Hawaii, we leverage our extensive knowledge of labor and employment law to provide a neutral ear to important employment decisions.

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