A History Of Success In Settling Disputes

Employment disputes can be time-consuming and difficult, both from a financial perspective and from the emotional toll they can exert on a beleaguered employee. In these instances, the help of a lawyer knowledgeable of both employment law and disputes can be invaluable, in both streamlining the process and representing your interests.

Attorney David Simons has helped settle disputes in Honolulu and across Hawaii for decades, garnering a reputation as an extremely knowledgeable and fair attorney. Whatever your situation and dispute, our office can help you resolve the matter.

Assisting Through The Employment Arbitration Process

Many employment cases are resolved through a process called arbitration instead of through the court system. Arbitration is a private court system in which an individual, the arbitrator, acts as the judge.

A Calm Presence Through The Mediation Process

Employment mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral mediator assists the employer and employee to discuss their dispute and finally come to a mutually agreed upon decision. Mediation can occur before or after a suit is filed.

Unlike an arbitrator, a mediator does not have decision-making power. Therefore, if the parties reach a settlement, it must be put in the form of a written contract that is enforceable in court. While the parties themselves usually have complete control of the outcome in mediation, it is advisable to have the aid of attorneys present to look after your interests.

Fighting On Your Behalf

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