You Believe You've Been Wrongfully Terminated. Now What?

Losing your job is a stressful and difficult time. There are numerous and extensive financial considerations to consider. It has the capacity to change your entire life and career trajectory. If you feel you've been the victim of a wrongful termination, whether due to discrimination or other illegal reasons, you should seek the assistance of a knowledgeable, experienced attorney to help you through the process.

However, there are also immediate concerns. What course of action should you take after a wrongful termination? How should you proceed to place yourself in a better long-term situation?

Moving Forward After A Wrongful Termination

There are many reasons why your termination may be considered wrongful, ranging from discrimination to retaliation on the part of your employer. To place yourself in a beneficial position, you should recount the reasons that led to your termination. If possible, collect any documents, including emails or memos, or speak with colleagues who are able to corroborate your account.

In these instances, mapping out a written series of events that led to your firing may prove to be helpful.

The Importance Of Retaining The Right Legal Representation

It's imperative that you retain smart, experienced legal counsel to help you along. A knowledgeable lawyer can review your termination and help determine if you have a sound legal basis for your case. He can then help develop a legal strategy to push your interests forward.

Attorney David Simons has helped individuals in Honolulu and throughout Hawaii with various employment issues, protecting the interests of individuals who have been wrongfully terminated.

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