Protecting Workers Who Have Been Sexually Harassed

If you work in an environment in which supervisors or co-workers make the environment offensive for you because of your gender - you may have a valid sexual harassment claim. The classic case occurs when a woman is denied a promotion or denied a job or terminated because she refuses to go along with requests for sexual favors by her boss. The more common case is when a woman is facing demeaning remarks and a hostile environment because of her gender.

Attorney David F. Simons has helped workers in Honolulu and across Hawaii with employment law matters, including sexual harassment cases, ranging from those involving inappropriate and demeaning remarks to instances of inappropriate touching, to cases involving sexual assault and rape.

In particular, it is illegal to put up pornography at the workplace, speak of women frequently in derogatory terms or request sexual favors in return for getting a promotion or paycheck. That is sexual harassment, and it is illegal.

Protecting Workers Since 1978

While there are legal protections in place to prevent and combat sexual harassment in the workplace, it's still an unfortunately common occurrence. In some cases, employees are afraid to step forward for fear of retribution from their employer.

No one should feel threatened or unsafe in their workplace. We can help you determine your legal options and fight for your rights.

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If you are experiencing sexual harassment at work, your employer may be violating the law. Our firm would be glad to assist you further.

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