Review And Negotiation Of Executive Severance Packages

Employees who are faced with a sudden loss of a job are often in a weaker position emotionally, financially and psychologically. They need an attorney who can provide objective feedback and negotiate on their behalf with their employer to enhance the severance offer.

David F. Simons has provided such guidance to employees in Honolulu and across Hawaii for years, reviewing and negotiating severance agreements and other documents following an employee's termination. Call us at 808-536-3255 to arrange a consultation.

Helping Employees Negotiate Severance Packages For Decades

In order to assist employees following a termination, we have to go into some depth with the employee to understand the workplace, to find out who the decision-makers are and what negotiating positions and advantages the employee will have in trying to get the company to enhance the severance package.

The strategies employed in negotiating an enhanced severance package are not the same in each case; instead they tend to differ in every case because every situation is unique.

Factors that enter into the severance package negotiations include:

  • The longevity of employment
  • The position of the employee
  • The company's standard procedure or procedure followed in connection with other employee severance packages
  • The employer's financial position
  • The negotiating leverage the employee may have
  • The closeness of the employee to the decision-makers
  • The potential for the employee to find alternative employment
  • Existence of noncompete agreements

What Our Firm Can Do For You

We review severance packages offered to workers who are leaving a job involuntarily but not being terminated for an illegal reason. We make a general review of the severance package provision to make sure that it does not contain any hidden traps, and that the employee has considered a variety of issues that may arise.

We also review the employee's negotiating positions to see the extent to which the employee may be able to obtain an enhanced severance package. Finally, we go over the circumstances of the termination to see if the employee may have possible legal claims to pursue.

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The vast majority of employees in this situation have been dealt a psychological, emotional and financial blow. It is very difficult for them to negotiate for themselves or view the situation objectively. In these situations our firm gets a full understanding of what happened, and what the possibilities are in the future. We then provide some objective feedback and negotiating strength to assist our clients in getting an enhanced severance package or in some cases pursuing a wrongful termination or discrimination lawsuit.

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