You Shouldn't Fear Retaliation From Your Employer

Workers are sometimes in situations in which they are afraid to report wrongdoing to take advantage of their rights due to fear of retaliation in the workplace. Often, employees fear termination or negative discipline simply for reporting unlawful behavior at work. This type of retaliation from employers is illegal. If you suspect you are facing or have faced retaliatory behavior from an employer, you should contact an experienced attorney who can examine your situation and potentially help you get restitution.

At the Law Office of David F. Simons, we have protected workers in Honolulu and across Hawaii from retaliatory action for decades. We have fought to protect your rights and will continue to represent individuals who have been subject to this illegal behavior.

What Is Retaliation In The Workplace?

Retaliation is an unlawful act that occurs when an employer either reprimands, disciplines or terminates an employee for engaging in lawful behavior such as reporting illegal activity, reporting instances of discrimination or demanding lawfully provided benefits such as overtime wage or family medical leave, for example.

Examples of retaliatory behavior include:

  • "The cold shoulder"
  • Termination
  • Harassment
  • Altering schedules to a more undesirable time
  • Assigning additional duties
  • Refusal to promote an employee, or demoting said employee
  • Unexpected relocation to an unfavorable
  • Reduction in pay, wages or hours
  • Refusal to grant opportunities for advancement

Typically, these behaviors and actions occur due to an employee refusing to participate in an illicit activity, or an employee reporting said activity to the proper authorities. Simply put, retaliation is illegal. We can help.

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