Defending The Rights And Interests Of Nurses

Health care professionals, and nurses in particular, often have emotionally and physically demanding jobs. After decades of work, some nurses find themselves unable to keep up with the physical rigors of the job. However, that alone is not enough for the termination of their employment. In these situations, nurses may find themselves being pushed out of their position, or being terminated for ostensibly legal reasons.

If you've lost your nursing job and suspect that it may have been due to illegal reasons such as age discrimination or due to a disability, you should seek the guidance of an experienced lawyer who can review your case and help you determine a course of action.

Attorney David Simons has represented nurses and health care professionals in Honolulu and throughout Hawaii for decades. With significant experience in employment matters, Mr. Simons is recognized across the state as one of the premier employment and discrimination lawyers. We can work on your behalf and fight for you to receive fair and just compensation if you feel you have been wrongfully terminated from your nursing position.

Representing Health Care Professionals In Employment Issues For Decades

Losing your job is difficult enough, let alone if you have been employed in the same position or field for years or even decades. If you suspect you have been wrongfully terminated for any number of reasons, we can work with you to determine a legal strategy best suited for your needs and situation.

If you are experiencing any of these issues in your workplace, or suspect you have been the victim of a wrongful termination or unfair dismissal, your employer may be violating the law. Our firm would be glad to discuss your concerns with you. Call us at 808-536-3255.