Assisting Clients With Employment Contract Decisions

Agreeing to the terms of your employment is one of the most important decisions you can make prior to beginning a new job or career. Employment contracts, in particular, dictate the conditions of your employment, and should cover essential information like wage, benefits and responsibilities. However, the employment agreement can also lead to disputes, which may require the assistance of a capable lawyer.

At the Law Office of David F. Simons, we have assisted clients in Honolulu and throughout Hawaii with employment contract questions and disputes. With decades of experience in employment matters, attorney David Simons can help place you in a position of long-term success.

Employment Contract Basics

Many people are under the impression that an employment contract is a formal, written document. However, that's not necessarily the case. In fact, the employment agreement can be verbal or oral, and in other cases, an employee handbook can be a substitute for an employment contract.

Helping Clients Review Contracts And Solve Disputes

Our firm has helped individuals settle employment disputes arising from contract issues. In addition, we review and revise contracts to better suit the needs of our clients. Mr. Simons leverages decades of experience in the employment law field to protect workers and their rights.

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