Decades Long Track Record Of Fighting Employment Discrimination

Losing your job through no fault of your own can be difficult, stressful and even infuriating. It can be especially so if you have been terminated due to workplace discrimination or other factors beyond your control. In these situations, an experienced lawyer can walk you through your options and strategies, and help set in motion events that can lead you to recover compensation for your wrongful termination.

Attorney David Simons has been helping employees in Honolulu and across Hawaii fight discrimination in the workplace for decades. Having recovered three of the four largest jury verdicts in the state, Mr. Simons has the experience and reputation to assist you on your discrimination case.

Fighting Employment Discrimination Of All Types

If your employer isn't complying with their legal obligation to you, you should be able to fight back.

At the Law Office of David F. Simons, we represent clients in the following cases:

  • Age discrimination: We fight on behalf of employees who have experienced discrimination on the basis of age
  • Disability discrimination: You should not be mistreated at your workplace due to physical or mental impairment
  • Gender discrimination: Your sex or gender cannot be a reason for differing treatment at work
  • Race discrimination: Employees of all races are entitled to equal treatment in the workplace
  • Sexual orientation discrimination: Treating an employee differently because of their sexual orientation is discrimination. We'll help you fight it.
  • Pregnancy discrimination: Hawaii in particular has stronger protection for pregnant women than most other states. Unfortunately, it still occurs. Our firm can help evaluate your case.

David Simons has obtained verdicts and settlements worth more than $50 million throughout his career.

We leverage extensive experience and knowledge of employment law and discrimination cases to help clients throughout Hawaii.

"Dedicated to his clients, Mr. Simons combines his superior knowledge of law and legal reasoning with a genuine commitment to a winning outcome. I believe he actually partnered with me and took personal as well as professional ownership of my case. He was exceptionally adroit in what was a complicated legal, personal and emotional situation."

-PRF, a former president and CEO of multifaceted organization with 3,500 customer

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