Among The Most Successful Attorneys In Hawaii

Attorney David Simons has been responsible for numerous settlements, verdicts and awards that rank among the highest in Hawaii for employment matters.

Multi Million-Dollar Awards And Settlements

$4,000,000 — arbitration award to clients in a real estate partnership dispute.

$3,050,025 — verdict for whistleblowers

$2,200,000 — settlement of sexual harassment lawsuit in mediation.

$1,980,000 — jury verdict in trial of a car saleswoman wrongfully terminated because of age and gender.

$1,700,000 — arbitration award and confirmed as a judgment on behalf of real estate investor caused by fraud in real estate transaction.

$1,600,000 — sexual harassment settlement reached through mediation on behalf of sexual harassment victims.

$1,350,000 — sexual harassment settlement

$1,000,000 — settlement of motor vehicle claim – blindness in one eye.

Other Representative Verdicts And Awards

$650,000 — disability discrimination.

$485,000 — settlement of sexual orientation discrimination claim

$450,000 — severance package, mediated for executive upon termination during corporate restructuring.

$450,000 — settlement for physician wrongfully denied long-term disability insurance.

$425,000 — sexually harassed police officer.

$425,000 — students sexually harassed by teacher.

$400,000 — arbitrator award to employee denied stock options by employer.

$350,000 — failure to disclose material facts to prospective employee and wrongful termination.

$300,000 — failure to pay wages to an insurance salesman.

$300,000 — settlement to older workers laid off during a restructuring by employer.

$290,000 — whistleblower settlement

$275,000 — sales executive terminated for claim of gender discrimination.

$260,000 — arbitration award for pilot terminated in breach of contract

$250,000 — settlement to disabled worker fired for bad attendance because he had to take time off to get necessary medical care.

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